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The European Pagan Memory Day project is a project made by Pagans for Pagans above all. So obviously one of the most fundamental passages of the project is the celebration of the Day itself, with a rite to the Gods, to the Pagans of Ancient Times, to the world: every Pagan or Pagan group who wants to celebrate the European Pagan Memory Day can choose addresses and ways of their celebration.

Celebrations can take place in different ways: from group rites to individual rites, from a candle lighting to the publication of an artwork.

Since the project aims to the spreading of its objectives, rites should be made known, if not open to the public. In this page we would like to publish what the celebrants want to send us at videos, photos, images and texts, grouped by organization (some of them have been celebrating the Day for some years).

Of course, the more material we’ll be able to publish, the stronger this project will become.

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Celebrations held in 2013

Celebrations held in 2013 (4 videos: to pick up from the playlist click on the word playlist, in the left corner of the control bar)



The association Italus celebrated in Rome on Saturday 2nd March the third Day of Pagan Memory: click to read description and take a look at pictures.


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