European Pagan Memory Day

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The project's logo

The symbol we chose for the European Pagan Memory Day is the head of Janus as depicted in an ancient Roman Coin, coloured in light blue in our official logo

but taking different colours in our site, according to the areas of interest; you can also see that in the various pages it has a national flag to identify, together with the acronym, the language of the page.

Someone made us notice that those pagans who donít practice a Roman or Italic religion wonít identify themselves with this logo. Actually, we chose Janus because his two faces express well our basic aim: to look at the pagan past in order to construct the future of paganism. We donít want anyone to identify with our symbol or, that is worse, to worship it. We would like best people to recognize the aims of the project as their aims too, apart from the kind of paganism s/he chose.


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