European Pagan Memory Day

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Here you'll find texts and links that may be of some interest for all pagan people who want to construct the future of paganism on the basis of the pagan past, in accordance with the aims of the European Pagan Memory Day, and who may therefore need informative resources.

The resources have been divided into four areas of interest, each of one with its own colours. We also added to these four areas the almanac of the European Pagan Memory Day and the links to the pages about the EPMD's related projects.

Here are all the links:

Areas of interest

Apollo and Artemis sacrificing

Paganism and paganisms

Roman coin bearing the image of the Emperor Julian

Renewals of paganism

Actaeon turned into a deer and eaten by his hounds

The struggle against paganism


Pagan Almanac

The Pagan Almanac of the European Pagan Memory Day isn't the usual list of old and new pagan festivities, which you can easily find anyway on the web; it's a Pagan Memory calendar with anniversaries (edicts against pagan people and practices, birth and death of scholars who helped the research of modern pagans) and some international days the celebration of which can be made in accordance with the aims of the European Pagan Memory Day, to point out that we want to live our paganism in the present days.

Related projects

The projects related to the European Pagan Memory Day are a series of initiatives directed toward specific goals inside the more general aims of the European Pagan Memory Day. At the present moment, there are three related projects:


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