European Pagan Memory Day

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The project's logo

The European Pagan Memory Day (EPMD) project is constituted by different initiatives.

Since the project was born for the celebration of a day for Pagan Memory, it begun with a


the undersigned of which gave their symbolic adhesion to the aim for which we were promoting the EPMD. We begun immediately to celebrate the day and to promote its celebration, made with

pagan rites

or taking part with artworks (poems, images and other, to be published in this site) to the construction of our

virtual sacred wood

The project soon gained some


who celebrated with us and exchanged


When we decided to turn the celebration of the day into a complex project, we begun to give to pagan people a support to find any cue needed to look at the pagan past in order to construct the future of paganism, through our


and our

video documentaries

and later

Radio GPM (Giorno Pagano Memoria, that is Pagan Memory Day)

To distinguish better our project we chose a

symbol or logo

and created a


to give all latest news about the project and communicate with people who follows it.

During the years, the basic project became larger and two more, smaller and more definite, projects were born, with aims close to the aims of the EPMD project but independent from it:

Survey of prechristian sacred sites reused in or as christian churches

The myth where you don’t expect it

Recently, Radio GPM’s podcast about books and information has become an independent project too (English translation coming soon):

Ritorno ad Alessandria (Back to Alexandria)

The several activities take place during a Pagan Memory Year that begins on the 24th February and ends on the 15th February of the following year, dealing each month with a different matter, as you can see in our


in which you can find not only important dates of the past, but also some present celebrations that may be closer to a pagan sensibility; for some of them we made

celebrative videos

For any information or to take part to any of our initiatives, see the addresses listed in our

contact page

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