European Pagan Memory Day

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Vesta is like the earth: under both there's eternal fire

the earth and the fire are symbols of one's own home.


Understand that Vesta is nothing else than living flame

See that form the flame no body has ever been born.


But it's the fire that animates the body

passion and will that from the body are born;

but it's the fire that warms

that crucible of life that the earth becomes

when Juno, Vesta's sister, majestic Nature

lays on her and makes her become her seat.


Vesta's like the earth: may my body be this earth

Vesta is the fire: may my heart burn of this fire.


May I be my own fireplace, my home, my refuge

relighting, day after day,

and keeping alive and crackling

this Vesta that stays in my heart.


Vesta's fire burnt in Rome eternally

now may it burn in my heart uninterruptedly,

where no slaughtering Theodosius

could ever estinguish it

until my will is its wood

and like Vesta may it preserve along the paths of life.

Manuela Simeoni


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