European Pagan Memory Day

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Here follows the translation of Theodosian Code chapter 16.10 De paganis, sacrificiis et templis, about pagans, sacrifices, and temples, collecting most of laws against pagans issued in fourth and fifth centuries. The translation has been done on Theodor Mommsen's latin text: Theodosiani libri XVI cum constitutionibus sirmondianis, edidit adsumpto apparatu P. Kruegeri, Th Mommsen, Zurich, Weidmann, 1971 (quarta edizione). The present translation is just to give a corrispective of the Italian one, published on this site: since I'm not a specialist scholar of late antique nor legal latin, I suggest that readers who know English rely on The Theodosian Code and Novels and the Sirmondian Constitutions, translated by Clyde Pharr. Here, every law begins with its number in the Code, date and issuers and addressee (as reported in Mommsen's text). Of course, if you decide to use this translation, please quote the source.

Manuela Simeoni


On pagans, sacrifices and temples

Translated by Manuela Simeoni


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