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Fontes is the podcast about Pagan Culture of the European Pagan Memory Day project. Fontes began to broadcast on the 8th November 2007, but only on the 26th February 2009 has begun to broadcast an English version. The theme song is "The Battle" by James Underberg.

On this page you'll find the list of the episodes in English, and from this page you'll be able to listen to them or download them for free, just right click on the name of the file you want to download and choose "Save object as".

On our blog we'll post the announcements about the new episodes of the podcast. You can contact us at

Update 31st October 2010: with the episode about "Dance and furor" we're going to suspend the translation of Fontes episodes in English, to concentrate better on other aspects of the project that give us more feedback. We're sorry to say that English episodes of Fontes received less attention than we expected, so, at least for the moment, we are forced to broadcast only in Italian.


Dance and furor

The dance as an expression of what was called furor, in Greek and Roman religions



What do we know about Hades and what sources do we have about his cult?


The hymn in ancient pagan cultures

About the collections of ancient hymns


The abolition of Lupercalia

The abolition of the last Roman pagan festival


Walter Friederich Otto

Walter Friederich Otto and modern paganism


Mars in Gallo-Roman religion

The Celts associated Mars to several gods of theirs and this can help us to understand both the Celtic religion and the Roman one.


Ares and Mars: two names, how many gods?

What the two gods represent, or better, what they are, in the religion they belong to


From Gods to Demons

The demonization of Pagan Gods in Christian sources


Paganism and the worship of Mary: is there really a descent?

According to some Pagans and to some scholars, behind the christian worship of Mary we can see a remainder of Paganism: how much is this true?

Present and future of the European Pagan Memory Day project

What we did during the second Pagan memory year and what we would like to do during the third.


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